Friday, June 3, 2011

4 Years, 2 Kids, 8 Moves...And We Still Like Each Other!

Yesterday was our fourth anniversary!  What an incredible adventure these last four years have been...they have flown by and yet it seems like it must have been forever ago that we got married because so much has happened -- we now have two wonderful kiddos, we've moved eight times (the most recent one started last weekend and still being completed), there have been numerous job changes but God has been faithful and has blessed us greatly!  We've always had everything that we needed (and often more than we needed).  So, we praise God for four blessed years and continue looking to God to guide us in the next step.

For those of you who are interested, here is the brief story of our courtship:
We met while working full-time at a Bible Camp in Central Minnesota.  Because of the nature of camps, we worked many hours together (along with others)  doing various things -- cleaning bathrooms, making pizzas, working in the sound booth, leading trail rides, working on the ropes course, etc. We also hung out together in our free time (along with the other young adult staff).  We got to know each other very well in a variety of situations. In late January, He approached me and asked me to think and pray about the possibility of getting married.  (We were good friends at this time, but had not even talked about dating).  We prayed about it for a couple of weeks and on February 11 we entered into an official courtship.  We knew at this time that our plan was to get married that coming summer but we were not officially engaged because he has not asked my dad and did not have a ring.  By the end of March we were officially engaged with the wedding date set at June 2.  We began 8 weeks of planning the wedding, doing pre-marital counseling, and getting ready for the busy summer camp season.  Getting ready for summer camp was more stressful than planning the wedding!

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