Monday, June 27, 2011

DeTox Series #1 -- An Introduction

As a family we have made many changes to our lifestyle and eating habits over the last 2-3 years (5+ years now!).  Some of these began by accident (sunscreen), by necessity (laundry detergent), to cut the household budget (cooking from scratch and frugal cleaning supplies) and some because we became convinced of the importance of them for our health (real foods diet, natural health care remedies).  

I am often asked questions by many people about the what, why, where and how of our "new lifestyle".  Most people hear about how we live NOW and think that it is too overwhelming and expensive to change their lifestyle too.  They don't believe me when I tell them that we are on a tighter budget now with two kids (now three) than we were four (eight) years ago when we were first married and that it is easy to accomplish when taken little bits at a time.  (Thankfully, our budget has increased some, things are still often tight, but God provides!)

So, for the next several weeks (...months?) I will be posting once each week about an easy change you can make THAT WEEK.  I will also tell you what we do/use and other things I've tried. There are many blogs that will tell you much of the same information.  Often I will link you to the scientific data and research done by someone else (because I'm not going to take the time and energy to re-do all the same research).  What I have not found online is an easy, affordable, comprehensive plan with detailed suggestions to make all these changes -- that is what I hope to do!

We will start with the easy things (non-food) changes that your family will easily adapt to and maybe not even notice!  Please comment and let us know if you are going to join us in Detoxing your home and life of chemicals; let us know how we can encourage you and please ask questions!

Here is your first challenge: Look at ingredient labels -- on cleaning supplies, on cosmetics and personal care items, on laundry stuff and on packaged foods.  Become a label reader!

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