Monday, August 15, 2011

Detox Series #5 -- Easy Pantry Change

Hello!  Hope you are enjoying your Monday -- Ruthie played outside this morning with some new friends -- catching garder snakes and skinks!  Both are finally napping this afternoon -- I pray they nap well, Sunday's always mess with their schedules which makes for tired, grumpy kids come Monday.

I hope you are doing well finding some "alternative" soaps and detergents!  This week I have an easy pantry change for you: butter, baking powder and salt.

1. Butter -- Look through your fridge and pantry.  Pull out all margarine, shortening, spreadable butter-type stuff.  Look at the ingtedient labels.  They will contain vegetable oil (one place where we DON'T want the word vegetable), the word hydrogenated (we definately DON'T want to see this word), often artificial colors (why would we want to eat fake stuff) and probably other chemicals we can't pronounce.  I'd say, Through them away!" but most people won't want to do this -- waste "food".  So, finish up what you have and replace it with butter. 

Butter tastes better and is better for you because it is easily made from natural ingedients -- cream!  Don't worry about the fat in butter -- your body NEEDS fat to function properly.  And God made your body to function on the fats that HE created -- cream/butter.  Hmmm, no wonder our bodies know how to properly use butter but don't know what to do with the fake fats.  (We will look at other natural fats at another time; butter is just an easy place to start.)  Use butter instead of margarine, shortening, spread-stuff.  Look at the ingredient label before you buy butter; some companies add artificail coloring to their butter.  Butter also can be stored in the freezer for future use -- so buy lots when it is on sale and store it in the freezer. 

2. Baking Powder -- Look at the can of baking powder in your cupboard -- does it say aluminum free?  If it doesn't, look at the ingredient label -- aluminum will be an ingredient.  Aluminum is a metal that can build up in your system to toxic levels.  Aluminum-free baking powder is easy to find in most any supermarket and also inexpensive.  Two common brands are Rumford and Argo.  The Argo baking powder is the cheapest baking powder available at my local grocery store.

3. Salt -- Don't be fooled by all the hype about needing to have a low-salt diet.  Salt (and its trace minerals) are substances our bodies NEED.  The problem comes in when we replace natural, unrefined salt with the stuff most people think of as "salt" -- iodized table salt.  Our bodies do not know how to deal with salt in this form and it causes a host of problems. But our bodies know what to do with salt as found in God's created world.  Salt should not be white -- it should be grey, speckled or pink.  Unrefined salt is a bit trickier to find -- don't be fooled by the "Sea Salt" sold by most grocery stores -- if it is white, it is refined!  RealSalt was recommended to us by a naturopathic doctor -- she suggests 1 tsp a day of unrefined salt!

Blessings to you as you make some diet changes -- and your family still probably won't notice a difference, except for the butter and they will appreciate the great taste!

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