Friday, August 26, 2011

Detox Series #6 -- Thrifty Challenge

Since it is still garage sale season for a few more is a challenge that will help your wallet AND your health!

1. Look at all your kitchen pots, pans and baking sheets.  Are any made from aluminum?  Are any coated with a non-stick surface (i.e. Teflon)?  Are any of them pretty beat up and just need to be replaced?
     Aluminum is a toxic metal that can leach from your cookware into your
     food.  Non-stick surfaces are also toxic to our health.  And sometimes it's
     just nice to use new cookware!)

2. Make a list of all pots/pans/baking sheets that your wish to replace.  Put this list in your purse or in your car.  This weekend stop at a few garage sales or thrift stores and take your list with you!

3. Look for cast iron skillets and griddles; stoneware bread pans, baking sheets, muffin pans; and stainless steal anything else!  We love our cast iron cookware and our stoneware baking pans.  We have gotten more cast iron than we can use at garage sales and thrift stores for a fraction of the price you would pay to buy it new -- we haven't spent over $10 on any one item!
     Every once and a while you will find an item of cast iron for a really great
     price and in really great shape -- usually the cast iron has been sitting in
     someone's garage or basement and will need a little TLC before being put
     to use:

4. Start using your fun new pots/pans/baking stuff!
     Make sure you know how to properly care for your new cast iron and stone
     ware -- do not use soap on them! Make sure to dry cast iron thoroughly
     and place a thin layer of oil/butter on before storing to prevent rust.

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