Monday, August 22, 2011

Thrifty Find

We love to go garage sale-ing!  There is just something about digging through stuff and finding a treasure! 
Ruthie found this at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago:
I almost left it there because we really don't need any more furniture...but then I saw that it was only $1!  Only a dollar for an antique desk!?  We're going to start some preschool (homeschool) stuff with Ruthie this fall and what a fun place for her to "do school".

The desk top was in really great shape but the chair and metal base was quite scratched up, so a quick re-do was in order:

Step 1: Cover desk top with paper.
Step 2: Spray paint metal parts black.

Step 3: Spray paint chair green. (Ruthie got to choose the color.)
Step 4: Bring inside and get ready for school!
Doesn't she look smart!  I love that she loves to play with books, even though she can't read yet!
So, I think it was a pretty good buy for $3 ($1 for desk, $1 for black paint, $1 for green paint).

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