Thursday, September 22, 2011

Decorating With Storage

I was super excited this past May when we moved into our new home!  Yep, we're still renters but with about 1500 square feet (up from 650) and HUGE windows with TONS of sunlight, I'm loving our new home!  Since we rent, it is not really possible to do much in terms of "permanent" decorating and remodeling -- that is where the creativity comes in.

I feel very strongly about feeding my family real, whole foods (and organic when possible) but this can be very expensive.  I'm happy to say that our monthly food budget is about the same today as it was when we got married -- 4+ years and 2 kids later AND we are eating a whole lot healthier!

We can do this because we buy lots in bulk...but then we need to be able to store lots.  Our new kitchen has many more cupboards than our "old" kitchen so some things were easy -- 25 lbs bags of flour and oatmeal; gallons of coconut oil, 15 lb pail of peanut butter, but I was wondering where we were going to store all the canning jars that we will be using.  We also have lots of cast iron cookware that we have collected from various garage sales and thrift stores -- the ones we use most are stored in a cupboard but what about the rest?  Here is our solution:
Yes, the plants are real -- philodendrons are easy-care and only need to be watered about once a week.  Some of the jars are filled right now with grains (rice, barley, millet, quinoa) and beans just for fun.  Soon they will be filled with applesauce, nectarines and pears; also probably some jam as well.  I have 45 pounds of apples, 40 pounds of nectarines and 40 pounds of pairs coming soon!  (All organic and all from Azure Standard)!  I'm hoping we won't have to buy any fruit except bananas all winter!

I love the look of glass canning jars, even empty!  Yes, my wonderful husband checked -- the cupboards are securely mounted to studs so no worries about everything coming crashing down! So, thinking a little outside-the-cupboards has been a great decorating and storage solution for us!

This idea (and post) is being entered in the CSI Projects week of pantries, cupboards and storage.  Check the CSI Project for other great ideas!


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