Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healthy 4 Life

So I've been trying to get a post together about our natural medicine cabinet and what we are doing this winter INSTEAD of getting flu shots...but it is taking forever!  

In the meantime, here is some light reading (46 pages, with recipes) to inspire you to new nutritional heights -- Healthy 4 Life from the Weston A. Price Foundation.  I've known about the Weston A. price Foundation for awhile but I haven't browsed their website much.  Now, don't think we follow these guideline completely or perfectly...but we are trying and getting better.  I think raw milk is going to be the hardest for us -- can't find an affordable source -- so until we get our own goats, we'll just do the best we can!

You can download the entire booklet in PDF and print it if you like, but 46 pages would be a lot of maybe just keeping the link in a bookmark would be the best thing.

Happy reading!

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