Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garage Sale Blessings

I love garage sales, especially for finding kid's clothes.  I rarely go to a garage sale because I see an add in the paper or on Craig's List...I just go when I see a sign and have time.  God has often blessed these "shopping trips" and supplied most of the clothes I've needed for the kids and today was no exception!

I took the kids to play at the park that is two and a half miles from our home.  I took the long way there in order to see if there were any garage sales happening...no signs.  After a fun and relaxing time playing at the park we go into the car and headed home -- the quick way...and saw a garage sale!

 Look what I found...all for $8!
9 pairs of pants
6 pairs of shorts
4 short sleeved shirts
9 long sleeved shirts
1 fall/spring coat
2 onesies
shape sorting toy (not pictured)
popsicle molds (not pictured)

Asher is well on his way to being fully outfitted in sizes 3T-4T.  The onesies are for Hannah -- you can never have too many onesises!

Thanks God for the great deals!


  1. Wow! God is good. It's amazing the things people get rid of at garage sales.

  2. I love garage sales too! It's amazing what I find, and always feel so blessed for it. Thanks for posting this on Gratituesday!