Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We closed on our new home a week ago!  Since then Tony has been busy completing all the needed repairs so we can start moving: plumbing, appliances, wood stoveSo far everything has come in under budget, lots under budget -- praise God!

This is great because there are always extra "unplanned for" expenses -- extra gas for the many trips made from our current house to the new house, extra trips to town for supplies, etc. Propane for the furnace, wood for the wood stove, bins for storage/organization...

We are planning to move next week.  Since we are only moving about 10 miles, we can do it in multiple trips.  Don't know yet when we'll move the bedrooms and kitchen, but soon!

Here is a picture of our new wood stove with its first fire:


  1. I can feel your excitement about that new wood stove! I’m really thinking about how you managed to move with multiple trips and I’m wondering how many trips it has been. Hehe! Anyway, house hunting looks like a difficult task, huh? I just hope that your realtor has done a good job in helping you have your new home. I’m looking for your post that tours us around your new house but I haven’t found it yet. I hope you direct me to a post about your new house. :)

    -^ Nannie Toller ^-

  2. I need to post some picks of us living in our new house...but still so much to do to get it where I'd like it to be...painting, organizing...but I should just do it anyway!

  3. I agree with Nannie that the stove has invited the excitement in the new house. How are you now? I hope you’re enjoying your house. I once lived in a street near you and I can say that I love that place! I hope you do, too. Anyway, I’ll be waiting for the photos of your redo since I think you can design a very splendid interior! :)

    -^ Armandina Skerl ^-

  4. Months passed already and I’m imagining a very cozy house with all the painting and the organizing that you’re doing in your new house. Well, I’ll be looking forward on your home tour, just like Nannie and Armandina here. I bet I can get some inspirations for my house renovation that will start this July. :)

    [ Lakisha Zimmerer ]