Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Winter Project 333 List

Here is my winter Project 333 list:

1. Jeans
2. Dark Khaki's
3. Long brown skirt
4. Long, dark denim skirt

5. Black t-sihrt
6. Brown t-shirt
7. White t-shirt
8. Blue t-shirt
9. Grey t-shirt
10. Dark Pink t-shirt
11. Blue flowered button-up shirt
12. Black and grey long sleeved striped t-shirt
13. Navy long sleeved t-shirt

14. Cream cardigan
15. Green cardigan
16. Black open cardigan
17. Grey ruffle open cardigan
18. Blue pull-over sweater
19. Brown cardigan
20. Blue/grey open front cardigan

21. Tan toggle sweatshirt
22. Aqua zippered fleece

23. Black patterned scarf
24. Pink/green patterned scarf
25. Pink flowered scarf
26. Brown flower necklace
27. Washer necklace
28. Heart necklace

29. Black Mary Janes
30. Brown Mocs
31. Brown riding boots 

So, I didn't count my winter coat -- in Minnesota warmth trumps fashion any day...and I only have one winter coat, knee length black down coat.  It works for everyday and for church...because it is warm!  I also didn't count my snow boots, because once again, in Minnesota, warmth trumps fashion!  But I guess I could add them in and then I'd be at 33!

I think I'm going to have more trouble with my list for spring, but I'll wait until it starts to get warm to think much about it!

What would be your top 33 picks for winter? 

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