Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simple Tips -- Clothing

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As a mom to three young children, I don't have much need for dressy and/or "fashionable" clothes.  I spend my days cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, nursing the baby, playing on the floor, homeschooling...not much need for diamond earrings, statement necklaces, silk and high heals.  Everything I wear has to be comfortable and modest in a variety of positions, easy to clean, presentable for the unexpected visitor/taking the kids to Awana/going to the store/etc, and my husband has to like it.

While getting ready to move to our new house, I was going through things and getting rid of lots of clothes...things I didn't like and/or didn't wear for one reason or another.  I was also trying to figure out what kind of clothes I did like...what looked nice and yet was still functional for my life.

I came across Project 333 and it has been a challenge and encouragement in simplifying my closet.
The basic premise of Project 333 is to narrow your wardrobe to 33 things for 3 months...then re-evaluate and choose 33 items for the next 3 months.

It has been a bit of a well as using some birthday money to replace some things/get some new things that work better with my life as wife and mom.

Stay tuned for my winter list of 33!

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