Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Amazing Black T-Shirt

While looking at my Winter Project 333 list, I noticed that most of my clothes are black, white, brown, blue or grey...Most everything matches everything else, but I think the most versatile thing is my black t-shirt.  I wear it often, probably twice a week but would wear it more if it was clean.

The black t-shirt is my kind of classic -- slimming, always looks nice, can be dressed up or down, layers well, matches most anything, hides stains and needs no ironing!  My favorite black t-shirts are a cotton/spandex blend, they are soft, slightly fitted, stay looking nice throughout the day and also seem to resist fading better than all-cotton ones. Right now I'm enjoying this one.

For a bit more variety (while still staying incredibly easy and classic), I'd like to add a few variations of "the black T-shirt" to my wardrobe for the spring/summer.  

Here are a few fun black tops to be worn as-is for the spring/summer and would also be great layered under a cardigan for fall/winter.

While at Wal-Mart yesterday, I picked up some fabric for $1/yd to try a couple of patterns:

Festival Fringe Knit Tank
This one I will do with a navy blue knit.  This knit is a bit thicker than the black that I got and I think it will work better for this pattern.

Flutter-By Tank
This one will be black but it is a polyester blend that drapes nicely and is a bit textured, so it should work well for this pattern.
We'll see how long it takes me to get these done...time to sew is little and often gets interrupted!

What is your favorite, most versatile wardrobe item?

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