Sunday, July 7, 2013

Choosing Hospitality

We enjoy having other people over to our home for a meal and fellowship and when we lived across the street from our church it seemed to happen almost by accident -- often youth students were over on Sundays before or after broomball or ultimate frisbee (depending on the season).  But now that we've moved and live a bit farther from the church, we have had to be more intentional about opening our home.

This summer we decided to plan on having someone or a family over for lunch after church.  We go to church on Sunday morning and look for someone to invite.  Last week we were able to invite a family with seven kids...we had so much fun!

Being prepared for whomever should come each week takes a bit of planning on Saturday, but not as much as you might think:
- I make a large batch of cinnamon rolls, frost them and put them in the fridge.
- I make sure we have at least three dozen eggs on hand, fruit of some variety and carrots cut up.
- I do a quick bathroom clean and sweep the floors.
- The large cast iron skillet is ready on the stove.

Before we leave for church Sunday morning I try to have the table cleared off with breakfast dishes stacked by the sink, PJ's put away and it's a bonus if the beds are made!

Our church service is at 10am during the summer and we are usually home by 11:45am.  Sometimes out guests arrive at the same time we do and sometimes we beat them by a few minutes.  Either way, we can quickly scramble some eggs, cut up some fruit and set the table to all be eating before 12:30.  (Come fall this won't work so well because church changes times and we don't get home until after 1pm...may have to plan hospitality for Sunday evenings then!)

For me the secret to having fun opening our home is to not be worried about everything being "perfect"...because it never will be anyway!  I don't worry about serving everything on fancy serving dishes...the skillet gets moved to the table.  I don't worry about having enough places to set...just toss a blanket onto the floor and the kids can have a "picnic".  I don't even mind the clean-up (and we don't have a dish only takes about 20 minutes to wash the dishes).  

God has been blessing our times with fun and fellowship and has even been providing afternoon naps (even for me!).

Do you enjoy opening your home to others?  What is you best hospitality tip?

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  1. Thank you for this inspiration! As a newlywed, I am looking to be "Betty Crocker" when I have people over. But it's the hospitality and welcoming nature that will be speaking for God as opposed to a spotless floor. Thank you for this reminder!