Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Camping" in the Great North Woods

Last weekend we went camping.  And by camping I mean we slept in a tent in my in-laws backyard.

My in-laws live outside of Bemidji, MN on ten mostly wooded acres, so it's not like we were in a regular backyard.  It was a good first camping experience but I'm really glad we weren't at a campground...Hannah did not want to settle down and sleep, so we spent over an hour dealing with a mostly asleep but crying baby (glad we weren't bothering neighboring campsites) and at 5:00am Sunday morning, we bailed out of the tent and into the basement as the thunderstorm really got going.

We did do some fun tourist-type stuff around Bemidji:

Itasca State Park...Ruthie and Asher have been really into rivers lately and they like the Veggie Tales Big River Rescue, so we needed to see the start of the Mississippi River:

Much fun was had by all and finished with a picnic before heading to set up the tent!

Saturday morning we all went to Animal Land.  A great, small zoo for young kids.  We could get really close to all the animals and there even was a several acre fenced in area to wander with lots of deer to feed and pet.

And, of course, no trip to Bemidji is complete without the obligatory stop to see Paul Bunyan:

So, that was our fun family camping weekend!

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