Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Garage Sale Blessings!

I love garage sales and thrift stores!  And lately we have been doing very well at them!

The kids and I have been taking our weekly grocery trip to town in Friday mornings the last couple of weeks and we all have enjoyed stopping at a few garage sales on the way home.

Last weekend Tony was helping some friends with a remodel project, so the kids and I drove the three miles into our nearest town and made a visit to its two thrift stores (what is a town with 600 people doing with two thrift stores?).  

Here is a quick run-down of what we got:
* Carhartt jeans for Tony -- $4
* Like new jeans for Asher -- $2.50
* Leather Gibson guitar strap -- $1.00
$3.00/bag sale:
* Dress for Ruthie
* Dress with leggings for Hannah
* Jeans for me
* Denim jacket for me
* Black cashmere short-sleeved sweater for me
* Very large white stretch-lace nightgown (I'm going to use it for fabric for a t-shirt)

And here is a picture of what we got this week ($16 total, at two garage sales):

* 2 maternity tops (1 NWT) -- no I am NOT pregnant!
* 1 maternity swimsuit
* 2 tops for me (1 NWT)
* 3 pairs kids' shoes
* 6 pairs kids' pants
* 8 kids' tops
* 4 girls' dresses
* 1 pair kids' mittens
* 1 pair boy's swim trunks
* 2 water bottles
* 1 kid's fishing pole
* 1 sippy cup

God has been greatly blessing us by providing quality clothing at super-budget prices!
I posted here about my desire to re-vamp my closet.  I've been slowly adding pieces to my closet and mostly through thrift stores and garage sale!  Sometime I'll have to post my thrifted closet re-fashion.

What's the best thing you've found at a thrift store or garage sale?

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