Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Hannah Grace!

Wow, our September was crazy!  Starting school (Ruthie is in kindergarten, we homeschool), youth group started for Tony, BSF for the kids and I, meeting weekly with other homeschooling families, teaching Sunday School...I feel like we are finally getting used to it all.  Also during this time our computer decided it was time to die -- thankfully, it was still under warranty so the hard drive was replaced (for free!).  I also had three coupons for free Shutterfly books that expired in mid-September, so I used a borrowed computer to finish and order those.  

We also celebrated Hannah's first birthday and I just realized that I forgot to share pictures!
You can read about Hannah's birth story HERE.

1 day

1 week

2 months

4 months

6 months

9 months

1st birthday -- cake!

1st birthday -- doll made by Nana, Aunt Ronda and Aunt Jodi

Some fun things about Hannah:
* all animals are called "Pepper" (the name of our dog)
* all animals say "booo" (mooo, like a cow)
* any car she sees turning the corner by our house = "Da-dee!"
So much personality in such a little body!
We love you Hannah Grace!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Cant wait to see you again!