Monday, October 21, 2013

Simple Kitchen Tip: Do the Dishes

I have always been a bit "type A" about doing the dishes.  But lately, I've gotten even more so.  At first glance you might think that this would add stress to my life, but I have found the opposite to be true!

We do not have a dishwasher, so all dishes must be washed by hand.  And while my kitchen is very adequate for us, it is not "big".  My counter space is limited and using any of it to hold dirty dishes really cuts into the cooking/baking/prep space.  I wash dishes least three times each day, often four or five times!

I have found that if I start all cooking/baking projects with clear counters (and therefore clean dishes) it reduces stress and work later because the kitchen stays cleaner!  After breakfast I fill the sink, do the breakfast dishes then leave the water in the sink and start whatever baking/food prep I plan to do at the time and just toss dishes into the sink.  Then I finish the baking/prep dishes and empty the sink.  I also do this while making supper, then only the supper dishes need to be done after supper, not all the prep dishes too!  This is great for the evenings that we have to eat and leave quickly -- I can quickly do the few dishes or it doesn't take long to do them before going to bed.  I really like waking to a clean kitchen and no dirty dishes; it just makes my morning go more smoothly!

Thankfully, I don't mind doing the dishes...I just really don't like to put the clean dishes away, especially when I have a pile of dirty dishes to do.  I have made a concentrated effort to clear out the dish drainer before each meal.  Even though it doesn't take much time, getting rid of that one step seems to make after meal clean up much quicker and easier!

What's your favorite simple kitchen tip to make life easier?

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