Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RN to Naturally Minded Mom -- Part 2

To catch the beginning of the story, read part 1!

As we began to change what we bought and how we ate, we also discovered (thanks to “Dr.” Google) that Tony reacts badly to foods from the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, paprika). He reacts with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms. Thankfully, he noticed huge improvements within a week of removing these foods! This discovery made our transition to “whole foods” a lifestyle change (paprika hides in everything!). During this time we also discovered that I was pregnant with our second child.

This pregnancy was much like the first...I saw a doctor that supported my desires for a natural childbirth but still did all the usual tests and vaccinations. Asher was born on July 25, home (yeah, he came quickly!) We still went into the hospital and Asher received all of the “routine” newborn medications as well as vaccinations. He received his two month vaccinations as “scheduled” but I noticed that he was very uncomfortable and wanted to nurse often throughout the night. Beginning at one week old, Asher only got up once during the night to this was unusual. I had also begun reading about people who choose not to vaccinate and their reasoning behind these decisions...and I was beginning to feel the same way. Asher received one vaccine at his four month check-up and has had none since then.

Asher, 6 weeks

Asher was about six months old, when one Friday night Ruthie awake coughing...a tight “coupy” cough. I remembered our trip with her to the ER and trip back to Urgent Care the next day and I did not want to go through that again! Saturday morning I spent on the computer looking for natural remedies for croup and Saturday afternoon, while Ruthie and Daddy took naps, Asher and I braved the cold Minnesota winter to drive the 30 mintues to town and the nearest health food store to pick up a couple homeopathic remedies. When the “croupy” cough surfaced again that night, I was ready...and it worked! We all slept! And no more tight “croupy” cough!

Ruthie got her first tooth at 9 months old and it kind of surprised us...she just popped teeth through without much discomfort it seemed. Asher, on the other hand, was another story! Asher got his first two teeth at 7 months. He got the common runny nose and I didn't think much of it at first...then it began to settle a bit and he began running a low-grade fever...then he began not sleeping well...the his breathing started sounding “wheeze-y”. I finally took him into the doctor and found out that he had ear infections in both ears! Poor Baby! One round of antibiotics later and he was back to normal...until the next teeth started coming through...oh no, not again!

I discovered some homeopathic ear ache tabs/drops that we then used for 48 hours and for 48 hours each time this occurred and no more problems with ear infections! Interestingly enough, this past winter (Feb. 2013, Asher was 2 ½). He had been fighting a snotty nose and cough but acting pretty normal. Then the “wheeze-y” breathing started...I still didn't relate it to his ears until we were on a walk and Asher said that his ears hurt...then it clicked! I immediately started the homeopathic drops and the garlic oil and within 2 days...he was all better! No more “wheeze-y” breathing and no more ear ache! With each successful treatment I was gaining more experience and confidence in natural remedies.

Hannah Grace was born on September 10, 2012 through a very uneventful labor and delivery at home (on purpose this time!). Our midwifes were wonderful and Hannah never left my side during the whole postpartum experience. She received no medications or vaccinations only a gentle weighing and assessment (after we had snuggled and nursed for a good long time). Hannah has only been seen for well-baby check-ups and has received no vaccinations. I pray that we can continue this record for a good long while.

Hannah, 2 weeks

Now, more than six years after we were married, our kitchen and our medicine cabinet look quite different. As with all of life, it remains a process. So join me in this process of learning to be healthier...and stay tuned for my favorite natural remedy, garlic!

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