Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week 2: 33 looks in 33 days with 33 items

So, week two is over and I'm most definitely not going to get 33 looks in 33 days!  I like to re-wear much less thinking.  But I did come up with a few new outfits this week:
Striped top, boot cut jeans, scarf, brown ankle boots
Teal t-shirt, black open cardigan, teal and white scarf, long denim skirt, black ballet shoes

Blue "cropped" sweater, black layering tank (for coverage!), scarf, "skinny" jeans, navy sneakers

Grey t-shirt, floral button-up, boot cut jeans, brown ankle boots

Black t-shirt, purple cardigan, scarf, "skinny" jeans, black ballet shoes
A few things I have learned so far:
- A scarf or a necklace makes a HUGE difference in making an outfit look "finished".
- I don't like to wear a scarf while at home...too hard to keep it out of dish water, diapers, etc. but I do pick one and put it on if leaving the house.
- I really only need two pairs of jeans (and I wear jeans almost every day!).  The two pairs I have right now I really like:

Denizen Essential Boot Cut Jeans from Target  I got these for $17 on a "school " sale.  But I would pay full price for them...they are great!

Faded Glory Women's Basic Skinny Jeans from Walmart.  I got these towards the end of the summer on cleanance ($5!).  I like them because they are the "in style" skinny jeans but are not super tight...more like a narrow straight leg jean. but also fit into boots without trouble.  Glad I tried them!

What is your favorite place to buy jeans?

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