Saturday, January 17, 2015

Creating Capsule Wardrobes for the Kids

I really like the idea of capsule wardrobes. There is tons all over blog land about what they are and how to create one.  I've dabbled with Project 333 for over a year (here & here too).  And I've come to not worry about the number in my wardrobe but to only keep things that I love and wear often (this seems to be around 30 for each season, although many things overlap between seasons).

I've tried to keeps the kids clothes fairly simple also but this next year I want to be much more intentional about it.  I've gotten most of the kids clothes from garage sales and thrift store (and from generous family members--thanks!).  Sometimes this means I end up with more clothing than we need for each season...and it doesn't mix and match very well.  So I put all the clothes in their "drawers" and watch them really only wear some of it.

Now I think I'm pretty set for them for this summer...and I'm using up extra fabric to fill in some holes...and then I won't have much for the next season in the right size.  I've decided to choose a color pallet for each kid and to be very intentional about what I buy and make.  I'm also planning on making more of their clothes.

My reasons for choosing to make their clothes:
1. I enjoy it!  The creativity process is fun for me.
2. I can make clothes the right size and add extra length where needed.
3. My kids run holes into their knees quickly...I can add an extra layer to their pants.
4. I don't want them to wear "trendy" clothes.  I want them to look like kids, not mini-adults.  Some of the "trends" are fun and easily work in some ways for kids, but I've noticed that especially for Ruthie (6), it is getting harder to find "kid clothes" for her.

So, here is my plan for winter 2015-2016:

Ruthie (6): Cranberry, Green, Navy

Asher (4): Red, White, Blue, Khaki

Hannah (2): Aqua, Lavender, Grey
Everyday Pants -- 3 for the girls, 4 for Asher
Nice pants (for church) -- 1 pair for Asher
Long Sleeved Shirts -- 4-5 for all
Short Sleeved Shirts -- 3-4 for all
Skirts with leggings -- 1 or 2 for the girls
Dresses -- 2 or 3 for the girls
     (skirts with tops or dresses can be worn for church)
Button down shirts -- 2 or 3 for Asher
Shoes -- 2 pairs each, 1 dress pair and 1 tennis shoe

So, under 20 articles of clothing for each kid...I think this will work!  I also do laundry twice a week, so it should work fine for us.

I'm not planning to have many clothes last beyond the time they fit...they will probably wear them out!  This also means I won't have much to store as hand-me-downs for another child.  For the summer, I will probably have to add a few more things for each kids because they seem to get dirtier in the summer...but we'll see!

What do you think? Would this work for your family?

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