Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sewing Clean Slate Pants

I don't like to buy sewing patterns...there are so many amazing ones you can get for free...but sometimes you just have to.  A quality sewing pattern can make or break a project...and also make or break the joy of sewing.  

I've been quite disappointed with inexpensive paper patterns -- they never seem to be the right size!  I bought an "easy sew" elastic waist jeans pattern to make Ruthie some pants when she was 4 (she was a size 4 waist and a size 5 length).  I measured her and according to the pattern envelope I should make her a size 4 waist and just lengthen to a size that is what I did...and they were HUGE!  Super disappointing!  They fit her now (a size 6), so at least she eventually got to wear them.

Thankfully, I've had great luck with digital download patterns from sewing bloggers...maybe it's because they are actually sewing the same patterns for their kids!  Asher is tough on pants...he runs holes through the knees fast!  I wanted to make him some pants with enforced knees.  He also wants a pant with an elastic waist -- who has time to bother with snaps and zippers!?  After much searching, I bought the Clean Slate Pants Pattern.  It was what I was looking for...elastic waist, pocket options, easy sew...and it did not disappoint!


Fabric added inside to the knees
I have already made this pattern three times!  I made the size 5 and it is a bit big...but I think he would have quickly outgrown the size 4.  He likes them but says he will wear them when he is bigger  "because they are too long. The pants touch the tops of my feet!"  If his current pants get much shorter, he is going to have to wear them and deal with it!

They are a bit slimmer than I expected (but not near "skinny") so I may make the next pair a bit baggier, just sew they will roll up better until he is a bit taller.

I also really like that the pattern goes up to size 8!  Ruthie will be getting some of these too!  

Would you sew pants for your kids?

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