Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February Goals

Wow!  January went fast this year...which is a bit unusual...January seems to be a "hump" month in cold Minnesota winters.  Maybe it is because we had unseasonable warm weather (some days above freezing!), maybe it was because I stayed so busy (lots of sewing projects and books read), maybe God just blessed January!

I have a feeling that February is going to feel LONG this year.  It has gotten cold again.  I'm getting sick of winter and loosing motivation.  The kids are watching too many library videos because it keeps them from fighting.  I feel a bit aimless today; needing to plot a course for the month so I have a goal to work towards and some things I can check off my list (because it feels good to check things off a list!)

I did pretty well on my January goals:
* Toys sorted and book shelf organized.  Still need to find a spot for the bin of games.
* Sorted clothes, mine and kids. Took three big bags to be donated/recycled.
* Capsule wardrobe planned for me and the kids...pretty much set for spring/summer for the kids.
* Sewed a raglan sweatshirt for me.
* Sewed a T for spring for me.
* Sewed some pants for Asher.

A few I didn't get done:
* Sorting the bathroom stuff.
* Dress for Ruthie...started but not finished yet!
* I also didn't work on our "house fire" goal as much as I should have.

Some goals for February:
* Finish Ruthie's dress.
* Do the Project Run and Play sewing challenge.
* Sort & organize the bathroom.
* Sort in the room that will become our bedroom...including the dreaded"blue closet"!
* Come up with a monthly meal plan rotation.
* Do our taxes and submit...always a bit of an annoying project!

Hopefully that will keep me busy but not feeling overwhelmed.

What are your goals for February?

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