Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sewing Goals for 2016

I have two main goals for is to continue to simplify, the other is to sew!

The more I simplify, the more I discover what I like in clothes, what looks best on me and what works best for my life.  Most of the time it is hard for me to find clothes that I like at affordable prices from companies that follow ethical manufacturing practices.  So I will be sewing!

With some Christmas money I purchased fabric with some items in mind for spring/summer:

1. Chambray Pants & Linen is the fabric and my inspiration pattern:
Blank Slate Patterns Oceanside Pants
Kaufman Washed Indigo Chambray
Kaufman Essex Linen Blend, Putty

I probably won't use this pattern because I don't want my pants to be quite so wide-legged.  I'll do some searching for a free pattern and some pattern-hacking...and definitely making a muslin first!

2. Brown Tank Top and Blue Patterned Tank Top:
Sorbetto Tank
Dark Chocolate Voile Shirting
Kaufman Nautique Chambray Print
I really like this blue boat print!   But it is backordeed until the end of the month...will keep my eyes open and hopefully be able to get some when it is back in stock!
Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank
 I will probably just end up buying this pattern since I've tried to pattern-hack the Sorbetto pattern to be similar with OK but not great results.

3. T-shirts:
Megan Nielsen Brair
Kaufman Laguna Stetch Jersey in Chocolate Brown
Coral and white striped knit...from the thrift store!
I love Megan Nielsen Briar pattern!  I just got it and made it once in a micro fleece and can't wait to make more...I think all my T's will end up being a variation of this pattern!

I've also decided that I will be sewing more for the kids, especially Ruthie...but that will have to be another post!

What are your sewing goals for 2016?

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