Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Small Steps to a Simpler and Healthier Life

Making your home simpler and healthier is an overwhelming task... 
Where do I start? 
What should I change?  
What do I buy/use instead?  
I don't want to/can't DIY everything, but good products are so expensive!

The answer is "one step at a time".  Don't try to change everything all at will be overwhelmed and want to give up...and then you'll feel guilty.  Each step you take will mean a simpler and healthier life for you and your family.
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Step #1
First things first.  Ask yourself "Why?"  
Why do I want to make these changes?  
What is my goal? 
What am I hoping to gain from this?  
Write down your answers; then when you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up, go back and look at this list.  It will give you a new sense of purpose and a renewed commitment.

Once you know why you want to make changes, you need to ask yourself if now is a good time to make changes.  
Do you have other major life change happening?  A new pregnancy?  A new baby?  Moving to a new house? etc...give yourself grace and time to make changes.

Ready for some change?  Comment with why you want to make changes!

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