Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Physical and Spiritual Connection -- Got Me Thinking

Have you ever noticed how young children get absolutely unruly to deal with when they are hungry or tired or stressed out (or all three!)?  Our three-year-old daughter has been an unruly bear (disobedient, defiant and argumentative) for the last couple of days. We just finished a fun-filled four days with extended family and even though we got to sleep at our own home while everyone else stayed at the resort down the road, we definitely were tired, and hungry for the food we usually eat, and stressed out from being around so many people for so much of the past four days, especially our three-year-old.

Have you ever noticed, as adults, how hard it is to deal with our sin nature and sin struggles when we are tired, or hungry or stressed out?  We don't want to admit it and we can often "hide" it better than a three-year-old, but we still have the same struggle.

Hmmm, eating healthy, getting enough rest and dealing with stress seem to have as much impact on our spiritual health as they do on our physical health...just one more reason (probably the best reason) to be  vigilant about what we eat, how much we sleep and how we schedule our life and the lives of our family.

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