Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Asher!

Yesterday (July 25) we celebrated Asher's first birthday!  I can hardly believe it was a whole year ago that this little guy burst into our world.

For those of you who don't know, Asher was born at home (unplanned) after less than 2 hours of labor, most of which I didn't think was labor :-)

We kept to a pretty normal Monday routine for us while singing "Happy Birthday" often -- which Asher thought was sooo funny!  After afternoon naps we biked over to The Resort to trek through the woods and pick some wild raspberries -- so yummy but so many mosquitoes!  We ended the raspberry picking with enough to put on our waffles for supper and made our way to the playground until Tony finished work.  Asher was busy trying to keep up with big sister Ruthie and climb the slides -- he made it almost half way up one!  Not too bad for a guy who can't walk yet!  (Sorry, no pictures.)

Asher got to enjoy his first ice cream cone -- chocolate chip cookie dough!  I think the pictures say it all: 

After enjoying our ice cream, we headed home for a supper of waffles with fresh raspberries!  While playing under the table after supper, Asher slipped and bumped and got his first (I'm sure it's his first and won't be his only) black eye:
The bump didn't sound like much, but the cry sure did!
Praise the Lord, it hasn't seemed to slow him down at all.  The swelling is almost gone today but it's purple all the way to the inside corner of his eye!

Happy Birthday Mister Mister!  We love you!

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