Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Window Shades

At our new home, our front door is mostly glass -- which is fun!  I can watch Ruthie play on the patio and easily see who is at the door.  But there are times we want to block the window -- especially during the sunny, hot days in order to keep it cooler in our house.  The shades that were there when we moved in were functional (mostly) but not very pretty to look at and posed a strangulation hazard because Asher always wanted to play with them when they were down...and his playing caused them to be un-functioning without some fixing.  I knew we needed new shades!

I found this tutorial on :  But I didn't want to spend so much time and energy and still have the problem with the cords that would be required to raise and lower it.  I found another idea online (but can't find it again) that I pretty much copied -- just a panel of fabric, some ribbon and a dowel rod.  I could even use the existing hardware (hooks) from the old shades.  So easy!

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