Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lake Itasca Family Music Festival

We survived our quick trip to Rochester to celebrate my dad's birthday and retirement.  It was good to see some extended family that we haven't seen for a while (like since we got married!).  The kids are (finally) pretty much recovered from the late nights and messed up nap schedule (and processed food).  And we're getting ready to do it again!  I know, we must be crazy!  But this weekend is a can't miss weekend for us!  

It is the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival!  We try and make it to this festival every year -- it is such a great time of friends and great music. We also look forward to a wonderfully spiritually encouraging time hearing how God is working in the lives of friends and the family bands. I also look forward to how "family friendly" this festival is -- playground right next to the main stage, coloring contest for the kids, special kids programs on the showcase stages...and there are kids everywhere!  I've never seen so many families with lots of kids each in one place at a time!  I'm not making fun of them; we hope to be one of those families some day!

So, if you are anywhere near Bemidji, Minnesota (or care to take a road trip this weekend), come and join us at the festival!

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