Friday, September 16, 2011

Detox Series #8 -- Personal Care Products

I hope you looked up all your lotions, soaps and other personal care items at the Environmental Working Group Skin Safety Database. I also hope it has motivated you to look for safer alternatives -- or congrats on the choices you have already made!

While there are many great, healthy, safe choices out there, here is what we use (just to show you it doesn't have to be hard or complicated):

It also comes in many scents. We order it through Azure Standard but it is available at many local retailers.  There are also liquid versions if you prefer, or make your own liquid using this tutorial from Heavenly Homemakers.

Shampoo and Conditioner -- ThiSoap Just Bare (unscented) (a product produced locally, not in EWG)
I love that this is naturally tear-free!  (The scented versions would not be due to the essential oils, so they are safe but not tear-free for babies.)  It seems a bit expensive but is super concentrated so you need a lot less -- a half gallon of the shampoo has lasted us a year and a half gallon of the conditioner will last us at least two years!

Funny Story -- I discovered ThiSoap at our local fair -- which is so funny because the fair is TINY, you can easily see the whole fair in under an hour!  But, it is close and it has some animals (goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, cows, ponies) so it is fun for the kids to go and is NOT busy on Saturday morning!  She was in the building with all the displays; bought it, tried it, loved it!

Actually, I buy the store-brand version which is cheaper; just compare the ingredient labels to make sure they are the same.  I use this as body lotion and  face lotion; in the winter I use shea butter on my face at night for extra moisture.  Some people love using coconut oil as a moisturizer but I didn't find it moisturizing enough for the dry and harsh winters in Minnesota.

Lip Balm -- I make my own (here is a tutorial from Passionate Homemaking).  Mine is a bit different but since I'm selling it, I'm not going to give away the recipe :-).  Burts Bees is also easy to find.

Deodorant -- Again, I make my own (here is a tutorial from Passionate Homemaking).  I use this recipe but add bees wax to make it more solid and not melt at 76 degrees (the melting point of coconut oil).

Toothpaste -- I use this recipe from Frugal Granola and love it -- I use xylitol instead of stevia for sweetener.

Make Up -- Here is where I need to do some more research for myself!  The "natural" and "mineral" ones available at discount stores still have a long ingredient list that pretty much always lists para-beans and talc...not as natural as the label would lead you to believe...
Everyday Minerals seems like a safe brand and relatively inexpensive, so this might be one to try.  However I think I'll try this first -- using egg shells to make translucent face powder!  Now, I just need to buy a coffee grinder...I think a trip to the thrift store is in order!  I'm also trying to figure out how to use beet power as blush and as a tint for lip balm...any suggestions?  Michelle at Frugal Granola makes her own natural mascara.  I think I will have to try this -- read the comments for more information; it sound like using an oil base instead of Aloe Vera would make it store better!

Make Up Remover -- I just use regular soap and haven't had a problem, but coconut oil would work well too, if you feel you need something more. 

So what do you use?  What do you want to try or change?

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