Monday, October 17, 2011

Gift Idea -- Recipe Book

I've been busy this week trying to get some fall sewing projects done!  Almost finished a dress for myself.  Almost finished a pair of jammies for Asher.  Finished a new diaper bag/purse for me today!  Have pieces cut out for a skirt for me, a cardigan for me and a pair of pants for Asher.  Ruthie really wants me to make her something but this girl does NOT need more clothes!  I'm hoping to post pictures soon.

I've had this idea in my head for a while now to type up my favorite recipes to have on-hand for easy gifting, and with my husband's cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago, I finally got around to doing it!
It was super easy; here's what I did!
     1. Find a 4x6 template in your word processing program.
     2. Choose a font you like.
     3. Start typing all your favorite recipes! 
    This part is time consuming, but once you've done it; it's done!  And you   
    can print them off countless times for countless gifts.
     4. Find a photo album that you like that is for 4x6 pictures.
     5. Print off your recipes and cut them out to 4x6.
     6. Inset recipes into photo album in some organized manner.  I arrange
     them according to type of recipe: main dish, bread and breakfast, salads,
     desserts, household, etc.
     7. I also added tabs to the side of the pages to make it easier to a recipe 
     in the category you need.
     8. I also like to leave plenty of blank pages so that the person receiving
     the gift can add their own favorite recipes.
     *Tip -- If you include a recipe from a blog or cookbook or somewhere else; 
     it is best to credit where you got the recipe from!

Wrap it up, include a card and off you go!  It is a fun, personal and practical gift for a new bride, a college student, a first-time homeowner and anyone who likes to cook!
What is your favorite way to store recipes?

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