Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recipe Remake -- Chicken Wild Rice Soup

I love soup...especially as the weather turns cold.  But my wonderful husband only barely tolerates soup -- if you can add enough crackers so that it is more mush than soup...then he'll eat it.  Finally, we have found a soup that we both like!

Some wonderful friends make this great chicken wild rice soup that we first tried at a church potluck last winter.  So as the weather started to cool, I asked her for the included a box of instant seasoned long grain and wild rice mix.  Since I try to only cook with real food (AKA no boxed mixes) I had to do a bit of tweaking to make this (and I doubled the recipe so it makes A LOT), but it was totally worth it!  It is our new favorite meal!

Chicken Wild Rice Soup
1. In a large saucepan cook 1 1/2 c. (dry ) wild rice (or a mixture of wild rice and brown rice)
** You can probably add the uncooked rice to your crock pot at a later time with the extra water needed to make the rice and it should work...I just haven't tried it this way yet.
2. Turn your crock pot on "high". Melt 6 tbsp butter in the bottom of your crock pot.  Once melted, stir in 2/3 c. whole wheat flour to make a roux.
3. Add 6 c. homemade chicken stock (a great tutorial here)
4. Add 3-4 lbs cooked chicken, broken into bite sized pieces.
5. Add spices:
      1-2 tsp salt
      1 tsp black pepper
      1 tsp onion powder
      1 tsp garlic powder
      2 tsp dried parsley
6. Add cooked rice (or uncooked rice plus extra water/chicken stock)
7. Add 1-2 lbs carrots cut into bite sized pieces
8. Add 2 pints half-and-half or cream
9. Turn crock pot to "low" and simmer all day (or until ready to eat).

This recipe makes enough for us for 4 meals -- it freezes well and reheats quickly!  So a little extra work one time is definitely worth the 3 meals in the freezer!  I usually cook a whole chicken in my crock pot and use it to make broth one day.  Then the next day I take the cooked chicken off the bones and use the chicken/broth to make this soup.

Sorry there is no picture...I was going to take one today, but I'm out of soup in the freezer!  Time to make another batch!


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  1. This sounds so yummy! I love rice in soups . . . I am going to have to try this! Thanks for linking up to the CSI Project!
    PS We have a link party every Saturday and we would love to have you come share this!