Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looks Like We're Buying a House!

You know how the saying goes..."God is rarely early but never late."  Well, here is our story of God being perfectly "on time"; we just didn't know it yet!

We have been renting (and moving) our entire married life.  We've never lived in the same home for more than two years.  We REALLY want to own our own home but with our tight budget and the price of homes in our area (lots of expensive lake homes, or homes that need lots of expensive repairs) and because we don't want to buy a house in town, we have continued to rent.  We tend to keep our eyes open for possibilities and even this summer got pre-approved for financing should we find something.  Nothing we saw looked like a "fit" for us.  We had decided to stay where we are for the winter and to start thinking/looking again in the spring.

I was just "looking for fun" one Friday morning and saw this cute house:

Three bedrooms, one bathroom, two acres and only $54,000!  My first thought was, What is wrong with it?  But, I showed it to Tony at lunch and called the realtor that afternoon.  We looked at it Saturday afternoon.  Driving out to look at the house (it is 10 miles from where we live now).  Tony was getting pretty excited, especially when we turned off the main road onto gravel and still had a couple miles to go -- past some sheep, some cows, some horses and some hay fields.

So, what's wrong with it?  It needs some plumbing help--the realtor had a bid from a plumber: $1300 to get it operational.  Tony went into the crawl space under the house to take a look:  "I can do it for half that in about two days."  The house is a part of HUD so we can get it for only $100 down, even better!  The realtor told us that it probably wouldn't be on the market for long so we needed to decide quickly if we wanted to do anything about it.  HUD was closed for the weekend and would be closed Monday because of Columbus Day, so we should decide what we wanted to do before Tuesday.  

Hannah's dedication was Sunday so, we talked about it with family, showed them the pictures of the inside and Tony took them out to see the outside while the kids napped.  Everyone thought it looked like a nice house and a great deal.  

So, we called the realtor on Monday and had her "put in our bid."  We  found out Tuesday during lunch that we "won" the bid!

I think we have the bank all the information they need for the loan, we have our insurance company all the information they need and now we are just waiting...and praying that that everything goes through. Closing is set for November 28th!

This comes at the perfect time since when Tony told our landlord that we had a purchase agreement on a house he said, "Oh good, because I'm going to try and sell the building."  God was perfectly on time, we just didn't know it when this all started!

Now we just have to figure out what we're going to move, how we are going to arrange it and what we are going to get rid of!  Where we are living now is 1500+ square feet.  Our new house will be 1150 square feet.  Tony is going to use the main floor bedroom as his mandolin shop until we can afford to build a heated garage for him to use.  But we are so excited to be "forced" to simplify and downsize!

Here are some pictures of the inside:


living/dining room

sun room
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  1. Looks like you got a pretty good deal with this house. At just $54,000, I think that’s quite affordable for this lovely home. Well, I guess you are really destined to live here. :) So, how were the few months of living here? -Oscar Lang