Monday, February 4, 2013

Elderberry Syrup, Garlic and Infuenza

Wow, I feel like we are finally getting back to normal around here...we've spent the last several days dealing with sick kids.

Ruthie (being almost 5 years old) hates taking naps...but she still sometimes needs them.  She is a rather dramatic child anyway, but when over tired gets downright ridiculously emotional.  Rewind to Wednesday, it had been over a week with no nap.  Her eyes looked awful -- dark circles and very tired.  The fever hit and the snotty nose and the cough, still no nap.  We stayed home Awana and put kids to bed.  Thursday, fever was still there.  Asher, Hannah and I went to BSF in the morning.  Still thinking Ruthie just had a bad cold from being over tired.

Friday morning, Ruthie, Asher and Hannah woke up with fevers.  Oh no, we're sick!  I started dosing all of us (Hannah through me) with elderberry syrup every hour when awake.  Tony and I (and Hannah) started eating lots of garlic (4-6 cloves/day).  I think we had influenza.  Hannah had a fever for less than 12 hours.  Asher three days.  Ruthie five days.  Tony and I have yet to get it.  I wish I would have realized what Ruthie had earlier...we probably could have gotten her over it faster and maybe have prevented Asher and Hannah from getting it.

God is amazing! He gives us what we need to help our bodies heal and it works better than any "modern" medical stuff!

Try making your own elderberry syrup (I got my recipe from HERE, but there are lots out there!).  It is quick and easy to make.  Keep it in the fridge or freezer so you have it when yo need it, or just make a batch when you need it (I made a batch on Friday because what I had made was almost gone).

Garlic is cheap and easy to get at any supermarket.  We always keep some on hand.  Use a garlic press or mince it and put it on a piece of buttered bread/toast.  It is still a bit potent but worth it to prevent sickness and to help you get over sickness faster -- God's all-natural, broad spectrum antibiotic/antiviral AND it doesn't contribute to the development of "super bugs"!

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