Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Super Simple Master System Keeper

I've taken a bit of a break from posting...not really intentionally but life happens. April 18th we got hit with a major snow storm (12+ inches)!

Pretty, but getting a bit old on April 18th!

One week later I was hanging laundry on the clothesline in capris, a t-shirt and my  snow boots (warm but still snow to melt)!  Now all the snow is gone; the kids are loving being outside and we're getting ready to start some garden plants.

Now, onto the actual post:

This seems too simple to bother posting, but it really is what keeps all my other systems moving from day to day...it keeps me organized and keeps my head screwed on straight (usually!).

Each week (on Sunday evening or Monday morning) I make up this calendar/to-do list on some scrap paper and hang it on the fridge:
It often starts with much of the week mostly empty but gets added to as the week goes on.  Some people like to clean the whole house in one day and then forget about it the rest of the week, I like to do certain things each day.  This feels more manageable to me, but I never have a "completely clean" house.  Then again, I never have a completely dirty house either!  Some people have a scheduled day to do each house cleaning task...I sort of do: Mondays and Thursdays I clean the bathroom; Fridays I try to vacuum; some time every week (or two) I change the sheets on the beds; most days I do at least one load of laundry; I try to sweep at least every other day.  Various food tasks (baking bread, peeling and cutting carrots, making Northwoods Dressing, making yogurt, etc.) gets added to the list and done as needed.  I add things to the list so that I don't forget to do them (lunch time and out of carrots!) and so that I can cross things off the list (makes me feel productive!). 

Sometimes things get added to the list AFTER they are done -- didn't plan to scrub the floor, but milk got spilled all over it; bathroom got cleaned AGAIN due to potty training or water playing.  I like to be able to look at my list for the day in the evening and see that I've gotten something done during the day to take care of my home...but I also don't stress if things are left undone, they just stay on the list so I don't forget to do them another day.

At the bottom of each day is my "menu plan" for supper.  (More on how I menu plan in an upcoming post).  I also keep a running shopping list, usually divided by store, so that I don't forget something when we "go to town" each week.

Some people use fancy "Home Management Binders" which are great but I know that I probably wouldn't use it to its potential...this works for me and that is what matters!

Blessings to you as you figure out what works for YOU; I hope this helps you to realize that it doesn't need to be "fancy" or "right", just what works for you!

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