Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reclaimed Lumber Porch Swing and Castle

My husband is a reclaimed lumber genius!  He works at a resort helping the owner with various maintenance, remodeling and new construction tasks.  Often these involve tearing something down and rebuilding or replacing something.  By now his boss has had ample opportunity to experience my husband's love for reclaimed and re-purposed building materials, so before something goes to the dumpster or the burn pile, my husband gets to pick through it.

Probably our favorite reclaimed lumber project is our front porch swing:
It is made entirely out of reclaimed lumber.  The bench part my was originally a garden bench that Tony had made from reclaimed lumber several years ago...we brought it with us through two moves and then last summer it lost its legs and became the bench for the swing.  The frame for the swing is also made entirely out of reclaimed lumber using a modifies sawhorse design.  The only new parts in the whole project are the eye bolts used to suspend the swing.  It is perfect sitting on the front porch of our new home!

The kids also love their castle, made mostly from reclaimed lumber:

The wood for the slide we did buy new in order to make, but the rest of the castle is all reused lumber.  It will probably get a reclaimed lumber sandbox around the base sometime this summer.

Stay tuned for more reclaimed lumber projects -- self-watering raised bed garden planters and a chicken coop to be completed this spring.

You know it is spring in Minnesota when it is warm enough to play outside in shorts and a sweatshirt but you still need to wear snow boots because all the snow still hasn't melted yet!

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