Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Laundry System

As we prepared to move to our new house, we knew that we needed appliances.  The home we purchased was a foreclosure and was without appliances (except a range).  I would have just called it a stove, but I just learned that a range is the combination of a stove top and oven.

Our new home doesn't have a laundry room.  The hook-ups for the washer/dryer are in the small hallway that connects the bathroom, what will one day be the master bedroom and the stairs to the bedrooms.  There is just enough room for a washer and dryer side-by-side.

We also cloth diaper while at home and I wanted a diaper changing station near the bathroom.  Some people who cloth diaper have diapers and wipes and wetbags for dirty diapers stashed around their homes...maybe their homes are really big but I prefer one diaper changing station easily accessible to where we usually are in the house.  The bathroom is too small for a changing station...that would be my first preference.

Here is our solution:

What a huge blessing this stacked "apartment" washer/dry combo was -- Craigslist!  I had thought a stacked washer/dryer would be our best option because that would leave us with some room for a diaper changing station...and since the bathroom is directly to the right of the washer, it would be perfect!  With the budget being tight, we didn't want to spend the $1,000 on a new stacked unit and didn't think we would be able to find a used one, but God provided in plenty of time before move-in!

You may not think an "apartment" washer/dryer would be big enough for a growing family, but it is actually quite big and works well for us.  I'd rather do smaller loads more often than really big loads.

That being said, I do at least one load of laundry most every day -- darks, lights/whites, sheets/towels, diapers -- something gets washed!  Now that it is warm, I hang most things on the clothesline to dry (but not the unmentionables and not if it is raining!).

I collect all the dirty laundry in baskets under the changing table -- they are smaller round baskets (an overflowing basket is a load):

The set of plastic drawers next to the laundry basket is for Ruthie and Asher's PJ's and the bottom drawer holds random extra diaper stuff.

So, that is our laundry for us!

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  1. Great find! I do about three loads most days. Less if we can stretch the towels and sheets :). I wish we could have several stacking sets throughout the house.