Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple Tip -- Dealing with Children's Books

We love books around here!  Just look what we picked up at a garage sale today:

Our collection of children's books were threatening to take over our bookshelf and our house.  I felt like I was always picking up and putting away books, yet always reading the same ones over and over.

So, I took all of our children's books and divided them into four piles.  I placed one pile back on the shelf and placed each other pile into a box.  I made sure to keep a few favorites as well as our small collection of children's bibles on the shelf.  There were a few tears as I tapes the boxes closed and placed them under Asher's crib with the promise to get them our "soon".

It didn't take long before the kids forgot about missing three-fourths of their books and enjoyed the books that were still out.  And at the beginning of June I got out a box of "new" books and put the others away.  There was lots of excitement over all the "new" books and no arguing as the others were packed away to be brought back again later.  When I packed away the "spring books" I left out the bibles as well as a couple newly acquired books.

The problem of drowning in kids books has been to figure out what to do with the puzzles...!

Any suggestions?

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  1. I enjoyed hearing how you rotate your books. You could put some puzzles away in the same box with the books to rotate through.
    I keep our puzzles in a locked closet on a shelf. Then when it is puzzle time we only get out what we need and I lock them back up when we are done.

    I also recently saw a puzzle tip on pinterest. It used the plastic boxes berries come in from the grocery store to put the pieces into. They put a small picture of the puzzle on the top of the plastic box. I think this was to help deal with the broken puzzle boxes.

  2. Thanks for the tip! We currently do not have enough puzzles to rotate them with our books. Next time I buy berries I'll have to save the plastic containers!