Monday, October 28, 2013

Singing Scripture

I grew up in a home where scripture was important.  My dad was very intentional about helping my brother and I to memorize scripture.  Thankfully, I have retained much of these verses and I'm so thankful for all the time my dad put into helping me memorize, even before I could read.
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I want my kids to have scripture in their minds and hearts from a very early age.  Music is also a big part of our home and the kids love to sing, so singing scripture has been a huge help in learning verses.

We spend a lot of time at home but since we live in the country, everywhere we go (church, BSF, errands) requires at least a 20 minute car ride.  We have found the car to be a great place to sing scripture!

The first set of CD's we got was Steve Green's Hid 'Em in Your Heart volumes 1 & 2.  The kids have greatly enjoyed these.  I've also been impressed with how well the kids were able to learn them, even at a very young age: Asher was barely two years old and he could sing along with these CD's!

This CD entitled My Heart, Your Home by the Wissmann Family has become our new favorite!  Not all of the songs are word-for-word scripture but all are very closely based on scripture and have phrases of scripture quoted in the lyrics.

Sing the Word from A to Z is one that is a part of our homeschool curriculum.  The songs are short and catchy and include the verse reference!  Both Ruthie and Asher are quickly and easily learning these verses.  Currently we are using this in MP3 format and learning one verse each week as a part of our school day.  Later we will transfer it to the car for lots of review.

My husband grew up listening to GT and the Halo Express.  We plan to pull out these tapes soon (yes, we still have the cassette tapes and yes, our van has a cassette player!)

So, get some CD's or download the MP3's and begin to redeem the time spent riding in the car!  

I'm always looking for some new "singing scripture" CD's -- any suggestions? 

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  1. These have a lot of Scripture in them and are also well done; they are both catchy and repetitive enough for kids.

  2. Hidden in My Heart. It's scripture lullabies. Not literal verse for verse, but all from scripture. Great for night car rides & babies!