Saturday, April 5, 2014

Simple Laundry Tip for Grease Stains

 I do a lot of laundry.  And I don't mind doing it.  It is not a hated chore for me.  But every once in a while something happens that makes it a bit unpleasant.  Tony is very good about emptying his pockets before putting his pants in the wash.  And rarely do things go through the wash that shouldn't.  But sometimes (usually when I grab a pair off the floor that he was planning to wear again...) stuff happens.  Last week a tube of lip balm went through the washer and the dryer, leaving some pretty good grease spots on a couple of Tony's shirts (and work pants, but it doesn't matter on those).  Here is a picture of the worst spots:
Grease Stains: BEFORE
Thankfully, I have discovered a quick and easy way to remove grease spots, even after a tumble through the dryer: Dawn Dish Soap.  Just pre-treat the grease spots with Dawn Dish Soap, wait a while (I usually wait at least over night) and wash again.  Here is the after pic:
Grease Stains: AFTER
If you look closely, you can still faintly see the spots...but they are so much lighter!  The best part can keep treating the spots and rewashing until the spots are completely gone!

Dawn Dish Soap works especially well for grease-y stains and also works just as well as any other laundry pre-treat for all other stains -- it is the only thing I keep around to treat stains with.
One word of caution: be careful when treating white clothing...if you leave it too long before washing, you can end up with a blue spot from the blue dish soap.  You might want to keep a bleach pen around for treating stains on white and the Dawn for all other stains!

What's your best kept stain-treating secret?

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