Monday, May 12, 2014

Raw Milk Cleanse

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 We started our journey to a whole foods diet about four years ago.  I was pregnant with Asher and we had just discovered Tony's sensitivity to nightshade foods.  Since then I've been learning a TON about whole foods/real foods and natural health and taking care of my health and the health of my family naturally.  The more I've learned, the more I've thought that my body needs a cleanse...many people that believe strongly in the power of a cleanse say you should cleanse at least once a year, but also that you shouldn't cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Hmmm, I haven't been NOT pregnant or breastfeeding since that time...until now!  (Well mostly, Hannah is still nursing a couple of times a day, but I feel OK about trying to cleanse now and I can always stop if she seems to be having trouble.)  So, tomorrow I will start a raw milk cleanse!

I first heard about doing a raw milk cleanse HERE.  I like the idea of it because it is easy -- no wierd food prep, and because it is supposed to be easier to continue with every-day life while doing it.

I've been waiting for our "milk lady" to call saying they are milking their goats again...and she called on Friday!  So tonight we will pick up milk and I start tomorrow!

I plan to continue taking my herbal vitamin and cod liver oil as well as olive leaf extract with doing the cleanse.  I will also be drinking some tea with my milk occasionally for a bit of variety.  I plan to continue the cleanse for at least a week...we'll see how it's going and how I am feeling.

I plan to update a few times over the next week so you can follow along if you like.

Have you ever heard of/done a raw milk cleanse?

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