Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My January Goals

Wow!  2015 is here!  So much to do!

Goals are good...they help me to focus...and it's really nice to be able to cross things off a list!

Here is our big goal for 2015 -- a "house fire".

My "house fire" goals for January:
1. Clean and organize the toys and bookshelf...Christmas happened and now we have too many toys again!  Time to sort and re-evaluate!

2. Sort clothes...mine, kids.  Work on a capsule wardrobe plan for all of us (post to come!) 
3. Clean out my drawer in the bathroom...more to simplify!

My sewing goals:
1. Sew a Plantain T for me (navy and white polk-a-dots!).
2. Sew an embellished Raglan T for me (teal with navy).
3. Sew a Go-To dress for Ruthie.
4. Sew Clean Slate pants for Asher.

This might be a bit too ambitious for this month...we'll see!

What are your goals for the month?

Linking to Goals with Grace.

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