Sunday, February 22, 2015

Muscle T Remix for Project Run and Play

February has been tough for me...I've not been motivated to get much done beyond the daily necessities.  even getting out my sewing machine was almost too big of a step some days. 

Thankfully, this month's challenge for Project Run and Play was a quick and easy sew!

For Ruthie's I added 10 inches of width to the front and 6 inches of width to the back and then gathered!  I finished it off with wide band around the bottom that was fitted to her waist.  It is made with a tissue knit from Walmart's bargin fabrics (it was not fun to work with but did produce a nice drape when finished!).  I sewed her up a quick skirt with a pre-hemmed fabric remnant -- instant outfit!

 Hannah's I made with a bit of fabric from my stash.  I added the ruffle to the bottom because Hannah loves dresses/tunics.  The bow finishes it off for me.  And she wore it two days in a it must be a winner!  It will nice and cool for the summer.

so serious...must spin :-)

 Someday it will finally warm up in Minnesota and then I'll be able to take pictures outside!


  1. You did a really great job! I would wear either of those shirts!!

  2. Thanks! It's such a fun and easy pattern with so many possibilities!