Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Whisper of Patriotic Style

Red, white and blue...a beautiful color combination anytime but especially for 4th of July celebrations.   

You could just run out to the local discount store and buy everyone in your family a flag t-shirt so they can celebrate in style...but even though the shirts are cheap, would you ever wear it again? Is it really worth the price?  Why add to the clutter?  

Just create a whisper of patriotic style that is appropriate for any day of the year...and you can do it with things you already own!

First look through your closet for anything in any shade of red or blue...jeans, denim skirt, chambray shirt, striped shirt, tank top, shoes...

Add some white...t-shirt/tank, shoes, shorts, skirt...

And you've got classic style with a patriotic flair!

Here are some outfit ideas to get you started:

Classic striped shirt, denim skirt, comfy shoes, long simple necklace

Boyfriend jeans, feminine white tank, striped cardigan, cute sandals

Plaid shirt, navy tan, boyfriend jeans, comfy shoes, delicate necklace
I have a similar version of all these outfits in my closet already!  I bet you can come up with one too.

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