Monday, June 22, 2015

Minimalism Vs. Simplicity...6 month Update

It's been six months since we started our New Year's resolution of "having a house fire". It has been slow going but we feel we are making progress.  We donated boxes of stuff to our church garage sale this spring.  We put some things on Craigs List and dropped others off at thrift stores.  We've taken truck beds full of stuff to the dump and the scrap metal place (outside stuff from Tony's "resource piles").  There is still a lot to do, but progress is being made!

Some things we have learned so far through this process:

1. It is a constant and continual process.  You will never be done.  I keep noticing things to get rid of that I had passed over on the first (or second) go-through.  Stuff keeps coming in!  So stuff has to  keep going out.

2. I'm notice clutter more now...actual and visual.  And it is driving me crazy!  But I have to remember that there are other people who live here too...relationships are more important...and some of the mess still belongs to me!

3. Life gets in the way.  Homeschooling, church activities, play dates, yard work...

4. I need renewed motivation every so often. Life gets in the way (#3!) and momentum gets lost.
Some places I get motivation:
The Art of Simple and podcast
Becoming Minimalist
A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home
Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families

5. There is a difference between simplicity and minimalism...but the line between the two is grey and very blurry!  It would be "minimal" to have only one set of sheets per bed, but that is not "simple" for me...two sets per bed plus one set for the guest bed.  I'm going to go with what makes life easier, even if it means keeping a few more things around.

6. Simplifying doesn't just have to do with "stuff" but also processes and systems.  I love my monthly menu plan. and I use the Easy Peasy Chore System for myself for household cleaning (the kids do some of these chores now and will be getting more and more of these chores as they get older).  We have a daily schedule that we follow for Monday - Friday (this schedule gets more free-flow during the summer).

So, here is one room that is (mostly) done...see #1 above!

Before: the post-Christmas disaster!
After: So much better!

This was a realtivly easy room to "minimal-ize".  So, start with an easy room...the success will motivate you to move onto harder areas!

What is one "easy" area you can minimal-ize right now?

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