Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Small Steps -- Kitchen Substitutes

A good place to start making your life healthier is to start with the food you eat...but this can also be VERY overwhelming! 

Start with a few simple substitutions:

1. Instead of margarine/vegetable oil spread, buy and use butter.
2. Instead vegetable oil/corn oil/canola oil, buy and use coconut oil (for baking/cooking/frying) or extra virgin olive oil (for salad dressing).
3. Replace shortening (aka Crisco) with palm shortening or coconut oil.
4. Replace white sugar and brown sugar with evaporated cane juice (it's still sugar, but at least not from GMO beets!)
5. Replace all-purpose white flour with white whole wheat flour (or start with half white flour and half whole wheat as an in-between step).  There really is a dramatic taste difference between white whole wheat and red whole wheat.
6. Instead of buying pancake syrup that is made from corn syrup and flavoring, use real maple syrup, honey or molasses (blackstrap molasses is even better but it is strong tasting!). 
7. Replace your iodized table salt with a mineral rich pink salt.
8. Replace your standard peanut butter with a natural one

Now, for those of you who are curious, this is what I buy and use:

1. Butter -- Kirkland Signature from Costco
2. Coconut Oil -- Kirkland Signature from Costco
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- Kirkland Signature from Costco
3. I haven't ventured into palm shortening yet...I just use coconut oil instead.
4. Evaporated Cane Juice -- Aldi (Costco has it for a good price too but you have to buy a bigger bag.)
5. White Whole Wheat Flour -- Walmart (Prairie Gold), Target (King Arthur), Super One/Ernies (North Dakota Mill)...I buy whichever brand is available at whatever store I'm going to when I need more.
6. Honey -- Kirkland Signature from Costco if I can't get a good deal on local honey
    Maple Syrup -- a special treat from Costco, I rarely buy this as it is so much more expensive than the other options.
   Black Strap Molasses -- I buy it by the gallon from Azure Standard.
7. Pink Salt -- I buy Real Salt from Azure Standard or from Vitacost.
8. Peanut Butter -- I buy the Kirkland Signature from Costco...or the natural peanut butter ground fresh from a local store.

Do these seem like easy substitutes for you to make?  Do you think your family will notice the changes?

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