Saturday, September 3, 2016

Turn 2 the Simple has Moved


Life changes and so do Turn 2 the Simple is moving to:
Choosing to simplify in order to cultivate JOY in every day.

I will focus on five main areas:

1. Real food...While serving your family real food day in and day out is important, the process shouldn't be so labor intensive and time consuming that it takes up your whole day or whole focus...where is the JOY in that!?  Starting with developing a Capsule Menu and Go-To recipes for all occasions.

2. Natural Health...Beginning with my shift from RN to Naturally Minded Mom and including simple steps to "green-up" your home and medicine cabinet and helping you gain confidence through assessment skills, so you can make informed health care decisions for yourself and your family.
3. Home Systems and Family, cleaning, laundry, simplifying toys, capsule wardrobes, etc...helping you develop systems and routines for your home that work for you.  When home life is peaceful and under control more JOY can be had by all.

4. Highly Sensitive Kids...we have three highly sensitive kids and everyday we learn new things about how this makes them extra wonderful (and sometimes extra challenging).  Join us as we learn to develop the systems and routines that help us remove some of the excess stimuli and make life more JOYFUL for our children.

5. Cultivating is hard, but God is good.  Learning to recognize God's presence in the everyday and being thankful for the little blessings...even amidst the "chaos". 

All sewing and crafting related fun has been moved to: 
Finding my style, expressing my creativity, preserving my budget, living ethically

For more fun check out Tony's new blog at:
Living Simply. Finding Joy.

Welcome to our new "home"!

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